Saturday, June 23, 2012

Wait, I have a bookcase????

As promised, here are some before, during, and after shots of the corner of my computer room, my project for the weekend.

I was a little afraid that this wouldn’t get underway like I’d planned, because, for those of you just tuning in, we added a furbaby to our family Thursday night, so the past couple of days have been taken over by this adorable adoptee that we named Shadow.  I’ve got a WHOLE other blog post about her in a day or so!

Anyway, back to the cleaning.  First, the before photo (Yikes!):

The clean-up in progress...
This picture is a perfect example of why I need to clean up and clean out my whole house!  

I think it's pretty ironic that these two books, bought at different times and never used, are about organization!  *Sigh...

To work through everything, I sat in the floor and literally took one book, one piece of paper, one souvenir, one folder at a time and decided where it was going to go.   

Each item could go in one of 5 banker boxes.  Here are the choices:
One box on the right left to sort through...
-           Give To Church – these are some books I’m going to take to church when I finish this room and let anybody who wants them take them or share them or whatever.  There are books on organizing (hah!), cookbooks, some Max Lucado and Joyce Meyers, devotionals, and books on improving your relationship with God.  I just feel like they might help somebody besides me; somebody who’ll actually read more than a couple of pages before starting something new!
-           To Keep & Place – these are things that I need to keep but that might be better off in another room or stored differently in the computer room.  Some of this is just things that need to go back where they were taken from (like the room spray that migrated out of the cleaning closet or the unopened package of bright red plastic plates!).
-           Electronics & Computer Stuff – I have cables and wires and gadgets that belong to stuff I got rid of years ago.  I kept a couple of CAT-5 and USB cables, and a nice power strip, but the rest of it got tossed.  Why do I still need the car charger to a phone I had 10 years ago!  I’ll also use this for software packages that I need to keep track of.
-           To Shred – Lots of the old papers I’m finding can be tossed (water bills, privacy notices from 5 years ago, receipts I have no need to keep any longer), but some of them need to be shredded.  Once the whole room is finished, I’ll have a huge shredding session and if anybody needs this stuff for confetti or packing, I’m your gal!
-           To Throw Out / the Black Bag – these are my things to dump.  Our trash collectors are gonna hate me for the next few weeks, ‘cause I’ll probably have one or two of the Black Bags a week to sit on the curb!  The box is for stuff that’s kind of odd-shaped or sized; the Black Bag is for papers and smaller stuff.

I got a little supervision from Shadow as I was going through all this stuff, but I made it!  I hadn’t seen that wall or the top of my little bookcase in who knows how long!  Yeah, there’s still stuff there, but I have the boxes set up now and they’ll help me finish the rest of the room.  At the very end, I’ll take the books to church, put all the “keep” stuff in appropriate places, have a useful collection of software and spare cables, shred all the personal stuff, and tossed anything in the Throw Out box or Black Bags.

The whole area took me about two hours total, but I have a spot now in this room that isn’t swallowed up by The Pile.  I’m happy, and I’m actually looking forward to the next section that I clean!

Until next time…

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