Wednesday, August 8, 2012

A more organized mess!

Ha!  I like that title!  It gives me a small sense of accomplishment, and I sure need to keep the momentum going right now.

This is going to sound awful, but my husband Donnie is out of town this week, and I'm using some of my peace and quiet to get back into cleaning this computer room.  I do better when I am totally alone with no distractions; no television, no phone, no hubby (but I love you, sweetie!).  I do have the puppy here to keep me awake so I'm not tempted to procrastinate and nap once I start my daily to-do list, so it's not perfect...

Tonight I moved ahead with a goal of cleaning out one banker's box and getting my metal filing cabinet out of the farthest corner of the universe so I could actually use it for a change.

Here's what I started out facing:

The filing cabinet I want is all the way in that back corner, completely invisible from this view!

Just look at all this STUFF!  I was very tempted to find something, ANYTHING, on television to watch instead of tackling this!

But as I worked through the mess, I got a little bit more momentum going, and I decided that my goal would be to have every piece of this messy area in one of my banker's boxes.  Nothing else strewn on the floor, nothing else stacked on top of flat surfaces, every single item would be in a box.

Once I did that, I was able to line the boxes in a fairly orderly fashion and FINALLY get to my metal filing cabinet!

I did clean out one of the boxes tonight as well, and most of it went in the garbage pail, to be honest.  I don't know why I keep some of the just-plain-crap that I do, but I've decided to be ruthless in this cleanup.  If I can and do use it, it's getting a logical "parking spot" in this room.  If I can't or don't use it, it's got one more decision to pass through: if it's still usable, it's going in a "Give Away" box, and if it's not, it's going in the trash.

With the constant supervision (and occasional interruption!) of our puppy Shadow, I worked for about 1 1/2 hours to rearrange the room.

Here's the current state of the area:

With everything in a box, and all the boxes lined up this way, my next step is to just go down the line, cleaning out one box at a time.

Supervisor Shadow approves of my progress tonight!

I've also moved a little wooden TV tray to the side of my desk to serve as a "dumping ground" for my stuff when I come home in the afternoons.  Normally, it's all been going on the kitchen counter first, then it gets transferred to my desktop, which I just recently got cleaned off!  So to keep my desk area neater, this little table will get my purse, mail, and whatever else I wander in with.

My next step is to organize the contents of that nice metal filing cabinet.  Now that I have two drawers close by instead of just one, I can use the top one for standard files and the bottom one for storage (printer paper, inks, etc.).

Oh, and I will also clean out one more box! 

Until next time....

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